Director Interview with Eva Guidarini


Q: When did you start MUNing and why?

I started to MUN when I got to college. I had a friend in my dorm that was going to a recruiting conference that we have on campus for people who want to do MUN, so I went along with her.  Little did I know then that I would fall in love with MUNs.  After that, I just started getting very involved and started chairing committees.

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Director Interview with Michael Mitchell


Q: How do you like India so far?

Oh, I’ve loved India. This is my second time at the conference- I’m a returning veteran. I’ve come back because for me, HMUN India is the one Model UN where there’s a lot of engagement from the people here in the ideas and the diplomacy that’s going on. I’ve attended MUNs in a number of places but only here are people really engaged in having the kinds of conversations that we talk about so often.

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Director Interview with Charlotte Lee


Q. Have you been to India before?


Q. What do you think of India?

I really like it. I came around a day earlier and I really liked the cultural sight seeing that the Directors did two days before the conference. I didn’t have a preconception about India. I really liked the clothing as well. My roommate (Rachel, Director of DISEC) and I were just admiring our outfits and we wanted to wear it again because they are so comfortable and beautiful.

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Director Interview with Nina Chen


Nina Chen, on the left, shows off her henna with the Director of IAEA, Eva Guidarini.

Nina Chen, the director of the United Nations Special Summit on Petroleum, 2015, is a Social Studies major who will graduate from Harvard in 2015. She recently sat down with Xinhua News Agency to talk about her favorite television shows, her most embarrassing moment as chair, and her views on Indian delegates, amongst other things. Through the course of the interview, lots of interesting facts about her were unveiled!

Q: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

I think my favorite childhood memory would be when I first came to Canada. I was born in Beijing, and I moved to Canada when I was six years old. I remember stepping off the plane and looking into the night at the bright city lights and it was so beautiful.

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